Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creative Shoot: Mystical Weekend

I'm a bit behind with this post, but it leads me into my
"I always include a cliche on Blogspot" casualty.

Better late than never.

Two weekends ago a crew took over Baker Lake in Kingsbury, Texas. Make-up artists, hair peeps, fierce models, cooks, fantabulously creative and talented photographers, and yes, even the stunt double for Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in Batman Returns rocked each other's faces off with feathers, seaweed, body tattoos, fly systems, and fire (technically LED lights...thanks burn ban).

I could fill this post with quips and stories from the shoot officially dubbed: "Mystical Weekend" due to the Sirens, Warlocks, and Winged Fairy characters hunting after one another. Stories like how Josh Baker pulled a bicep muscle attempting a poorly executed-unrehearsed double lutz backhand spring cannonball on the aerial apparatus. Or how the LED lights turned out looking super more mystical than fire could have ever appeared (take that you 5 month drought you). Or how I drove an hour from my early AM make-up session with Lecia and Amy in Austin to our shoot location, with a bird fastened on my head and well, words simply don't do this justice:

Instead, here are a few of the final products along with a verrrry
short behind-the-scenes look at our Mystical Weekend of utter
madness and fake eyelash extravaganza. Click on the photos for a larger version.

Our valient photogs and leaders/designers/cohorts/
eyes and ears/planners/go getters/gut wrenchers for
Mystical Weekend were Geoff Hammond with
Hammondovi Photography and Josh Baker with Azul Ox.
Book them yo.

If you ever get any wild and crazy or just wild or just crazy ideas for photoshoots, send them our way. We'll probably do them and give you credit for them. Then I'll have another reason to post cliches on Blogspot...and I'll probably mention you there as well. So send your material along!

peace. love. and craziest idea wins a prize.

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