Friday, September 16, 2011

The Only Blog Ever in the Entire World About The Sandlot & a Wedding

This Fall has been one of those Falls where I've had a zillion weddings, each being special, unique, perfect for each couple, and tons of fun.

On September 3rd just outside of Austin, Texas at a beautiful venue called Villa Antonia, I had the chance to not only see 2 childhood friends get married (Kristina & Derek), but I also was asked to act as a fly-on-the-wall videographer. Could not have been more honored.
Now here's a bit about Kristina. Her younger sister and I were inseparable growing up so I vividly remember Kris's walk-in closet floor being covered from front to back with shoes of all colors and shapes and types. I remember a drawer she dedicated to the most random stuff you could put in a drawer and how she would let my younger sister pick something out of this junk drawer every weekend.
I remember waking up Saturday mornings at the their house to the sound of Kristina typing super, super, super fast (I'm talking like 230 WPM here), messaging her friends on AIM. I remember plotting and preparing for weeks prior to some 90s Halloween weekend how she, her best friend, her sister, and I would be Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez, Hamilton "Ham" Porter, Yeah Yeah, and Michael "Squints" Palledoros respectively from The Sandlot (pictured above but not in costume; this was in the Grand Cayman). I remember how Kristina always wore knee-high baseball socks and how she would sit in her bathroom sink to do her make-up.

Now I'm pretty sure she didn't start her wedding day off by IM'ing people about Friday night football game gossip or by parking her gorgeous wedding dress in the bathroom sink to get a touch-up. And I'm almost positive she didn't walk down the isle with those white baseball socks with a turquoise stripe. But everything about their wedding was Kristina! She and her husband (eeeek!) Derek looked so happy and I wish them years upon years of continued happiness.

I've included a few stills of the footage I picked up just in case you don't have time to watch the final product because you've got something better to do than watch these two lovebirds share their love!

peace. love. and white tuxedos.

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