Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm with SPF 20 and Great Lash Lots of Lashes

I've posted here before about different campaigns that may sound like my poor attempt at advertising...fear not I can explain. A few years ago I signed up for BzzAgent. It's a middleman site that provides campaigns to their "agents" to test out new products. It's a fabulous site and if you like getting free stuff, access to great products, or spouting off about the things you use..this is the site for you!! It's free!!

So the latest BzzAgent campaign product I'm a part of is one I've actually used daily. It's Maybelline's latest lip repairing balm and a newly packaged/designed mascara. I was sent a box full of different flavors of the Baby Lips Balm (WITH SPF 20) and quite a few Great Lash Mascara.

Needless to say, I ripped into the lip balm hoping to repair a Winter-induced chapped skin. Next I put each flavor throughout my life. Sounds silly, I know. But I put one next to my bed. One in my car (thankfully it IS Winter), one in my purse, work bag, bathroom, etc..

I love the consistency of the balm. It's a little more oily than the store-brand chap sticks, which this BzzAgent likes. The packaging is wayy better also. Feels sturdy enough to withstand a dropped purse and I think the outer clear plastic part will protect said purse if the balm decides Texas Winter's aren't cool enough.

That day passed without me trying the mascara (lazy day...), but I did open up a few packages to try to figure out the brush! Let's face it, there's not much better than a CLEAN mascara brush. And that clean brush literally lasts until you dip it in the magical black liquid. So after a few seconds of admiring the clean brush, I realized this wasn't like any other mascara brush I had ever bought. Hard to explain in words but the teeth were more separated and the entire brush was angled. Maybelline created an angle that would help put on mascara without getting that magic black liquid all over your eyelid and nose (always happens to me). Needless to say, the next chance I had to throw some mascara on, I used Maybelline's. LOVED IT. I don't have many eyelashes it seems but this mascara found all of them and somehow made them longer and more full. Fabulous.

Normally I lose chapsticks....working on about 2 weeks with these and still have them waiting my pursed lips all over my life!

Visit to become a BzzAgent AND Maybelline's Facebook page for more information on these great NEW products!

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