Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You have a vulnerability about you....

I'm posting this entry a day late but the purpose was for reflection and inner resolve-ment. Ha! Actually the reasoning is because I was so zonked after Tuesdays activities I could hardly shave my armpits never mind write a semi-conclusive and informative blog entry.

But alas, I made a promise so here we go!
Day 1 started off with me hitting snooze twice. I know I know. The time change from Texas to California should have been in my sleepy-self favor but travel days are brutal. Our first appointment was with Actors in Action. A studio in Burbank where actors pay a membership fee to receive the benefits of helpful tips on how to survive as an actor and basic friendship (yes you have to pay for friends in LA). When you join the org. you are assigned to a career counselor who can coach you, prepare you, meet with you, & even help you fix a flat tire. Then I performed a prepared monologue. Now this is where it gets dicey....?...I've always done comedy. I've always been told to do comedy. So what do I do? I do my dramatic monologue for my first audition in Los Angeles. Instinct I tell you! Well, whatever it was it was fun! It's hard for me to listen to compliments because I feel like people are just inherently nice and want you to feel good. Got a little redirect, ending with "...add that, and you'll take a great great monologue and make it brilliant." So I tried again and whoo hoo!
Next we were off to Diverse Talent which is a medium sized agency in Studio City. We chatted a bit about our background and goals with 2 female agents. We all left the room and were called in to perform our scenes. My scenes were from comedy sitcoms and so they asked if I had anything dramatic. I quickly recalled the direction taken from the previous appointment and action. Hard to concentrate when your looking at 3 important women who can change your life, AND the hustle and bustle of downtown LA (cue Kerry Butler from Xanadu) behind these important ladies. But by the end of the reading, they said the most surprising comment I've heard all week: "that's what you need to be doing. Drama. Keep it. Hold onto it tight and use it." so forget about Ellen and bring on The Bold and the Beautiful!! Just kidding. I could never give up on Ellen. :)
Our final stop of the day. Oh wait. No, you didn't skip the whole eating lunch bit. Time flew. Lunch landed at a time when my stomach was reading 3 o'clock and our entourage was no where near a Whole Foods so onward and upward we went to another tight org. devoted to producing showcases for actors of a certain caliber to perform work for top agencies and casting directors. So we were given comedy and drama sides, paired off and given a whopping, unheard of, 30 minutes to work the scenes. We auditioned for this crazy eccentric lady who was dressed like a much older Sandra Dee (circa the end of the movie). She claimed for an audition but I think she was in that get up b/c she has apparently been training with the fitness guy on Burn After Reading. Go figure. SO we auditioned and were accepted to perform at the Showcase Wednesday night for agents and casting directors! Post-high we jetted (inched our way) to Marina del Ray for some grub at what my stomach felt like 11:30. Grrreat. Fabulous seafood place and I get an appetizer pizza. Truffled pizza albeit. And who would choose to dine with us (near us) he great point guard Jerry West and family man, Roger Federer! Just a casual hello exchanged between our table and their table. Ya know...
Finally, my head hit the pillow and --

peace. love. and ohmigod you guys.

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Jennifer said...

oh how i love the tales of your adventures!