Friday, July 31, 2009

and i said nothing. i'm feeling nothing.

Day 2. Wednesday the 28th.
The time change is growing on me. I'm sleeping in more and more and
missing the Texas heat less and less. We began our day with a hiccup.
We were to attend a class with Margie Haber at 11am. Margie is one of
the premier audition coaches in this country. She is way too expensive
for any working actor to use, yet intensive auditions are required to
get into her advanced classes and kids are lining the hills and paying months in advance to get those auditions. Literally, Molly Sims, Heather Locklear, Halle Berry, & Rick Fox (I know) just to name a few have signed headshots and have taken classes in this small but classy studio. Well, wouldn't you know it, the hiccup came and went and the class we were scheduled to audit..had been postponed. The ironic issue here is that the pessy receptionist initially blocked us from entering the studio because "Ma'm, there is no class today. We called and emailed you" but, as we were reluctantly allowed into these hallowed halls, 5 students walked in only to be met with "there is no class today. We called and emailed you." Seriously? 6 people's phones were having problems and their email inboxes had exploded, denying incoming messages? Riiiight.

So with 4 hours until our next meeting, we trucked our way to a Samuel French Bookstore to purchase a book written by an agent we would later meet. I'll just leave this at: I could spend days in this store and I hate books.

Next we met David from an organization called ActorSite which is a actor driven group who offers great workshops with casting directors and industry agents as well as daily evening classes. We did a cold-read for our audition to be accepted into their organization with a great scene from How I Met Your Mother. I, along with others was officially accepted in and at this point, since I am obviously not living here, graciously said thanks for the feedback and I'll catch you on the flipside.

HICCUP. Another agent appointment had to drop us off their 'oh so important schedules' due to the need to hold an audition spur of the moment. We were like: umm we can still show up and just audition for you. Instead we were able to finally experience COFFEE BEAN and chat with one of Margo's (our director and leader and driver) former students who is really making it as a working actress. She's had some great roles on Leverage, Cold Case, Southland, Desperate Housewives, & Two and a Half Men. Oh and by ME experiencing Coffee Bean I really mean, sit in a shop about the size of a Starbucks, smell coffees that are in little Starbucks cups, and watch people eat little desserts that look like Starbucks desserts. But I loved the purple straws and darn you kidney stones!

We had about 2 hours to hit our hotel beds and our now written-crossed-out-torn-up-marked-up sides we would be performing for the all important showcase at The Casting Network. So I did just that and debated whether or not I should drop the hum-drum scene I was doing and trade it in for my monologue that I thoroughly enjoyed performing. But my roommate and scene partner didn't feel comfortable doing her monologue and really our scene wasn't hum-drum...just a little drum ya know what I mean? So we met 5 casting agents from companies and shows like Hannah Montana, Lost, a new series called Trauma, Criminal Minds, and Leverage. Wow...I know. There were 22 acts and most were fabulous. None that were blow us out of the water but some really fun scenes and some deeply touching monologues. Our time came. We gave 'em what we had (including some fugly looking headshots) and went on our way. Never to hear from them again. NAHHHT. Who knows!

We knew that today was a great opportunity to really perform for top industry casting directors who could jump start a career so of course excitement rocked us all but we were plesantly reminded that tomorrow marked the day of real real real auditions for 2 of the top 7 TV/film agents in L.A. and the top commercial casting director. How could I ignore my not so soft pillow tonight with that running through my mind?

peace. love. and bob sleds in san juan.

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