Monday, July 27, 2009


You know it's been a long time since your last entry when...

- Blogspot asks you to "Sign up if you need a profile" or "Please Log In"
- You forgot your password
- The last entry reads "written May 21, 2009" and it is July 27, 2009

As I sit in 26E, aboard a Continental flight from Houston to Los Angeles, I suddenly realize 2 things! First, I should have brought my boots and secondly, I have meant to blog about the happens of life after college. Oops. Time flies when you’re not traveling. I'll update the DSM/ASP events and fun times had by all blogs after this trip....fingers crossed.

It’s funny being on a plane. The lady sitting diagonal to me is reading a book. I squinted for the first 10 minutes of the flight, trying to read even one sentence so I could get a sense for who she is and what she likes. The young, Courtney Kardashian look-alike next to me is messing with her candy apple iPod. I think she catches me scanning the screen for a glimpse of an artist or song title to peer into her life for even a second. Ah ha. I’m finally able to make out what the book lady is reading. Well, I manage to see that it’s a book printed in Chinese then I try to see if she’s reading left to right or right to left because for some reason I think I remember Mr. Fleming saying something about the Chinese reading opposite as I do. Then I realize I miss Mr. Fleming and all that high school did for me. Also, that I need to brush up on cultural things like reading directions. Duplicity with Julia Roberts is on the flip down monitors fed by crappy audio spitting from my headphone armrest. I remember when flight attendants had to actually perform the safety procedures. Now with the touch of a button, 7-inch monitors show themselves and the owner of Continental himself greets me while he casually enjoys the uncomfortable blue check seats that are in dire need of lumbar support. I think I need a pillow for support just as I smell lunch and cran-apple juice.

It’s hard to comprehend the happenings and opportunities of this week without kicking myself for picking this place instead of somewhere else I should/could/would be. Sometimes I wish I were choosing a different path. One that is easily explainable. Easily defendable. Easily obtainable. But then this wouldn’t be different than any other career path. It wouldn’t be as internally rewarding to me if it were just like all the other mindless career trails I thought I would take.

I’m hoping to have an entry for everyday this week, not only to document it for my families sake, but to see what growth can occur in a matter of 5 days. And I think that if any substantial amount of growth can occur, it has to be in the Hollywood Hills and the Burbank boulevards.

peace. love. and safari inn.

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Jennifer said...

i want to hear ALL about it when you get back! you better call me and fill me in on the fabulous happenings of LA! :)