Saturday, April 18, 2009

new new new!

Two of my favorite things are a new pair of shoes and a new car.
Why you ask?
The smell of newness is engulfing.

Sort of like these two new "things."

First is the 6th Episode of "the fourth wall" as we head into opening week!!! Whoo hoo!
And second is the URL to the page that will eventual hold 50 Reasonable Reasons why i would like to work for the Ellen Degeneres Show.
So check out both if you'd like and send on to others if you'd like!

Thank you your support on this page and my others...for no one can survive without the likes of others surrounding them.

If you are reading this from North Texas: please swing by our tiny little school putting on a big-ish production next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm. If you need directions, I'll make it easy, CLICK HERE!!!

If you are reading this from South Texas: please swing by The Palace Theatre on Austin Street in Seguin, Texas as we are taking the show on the road and YOU are our first stop!! Well...anywhoo..CLICK HERE for directions to this theater.

See how easy we're making it for you to come! I guarantee you will laugh and cry and snort within an hour an a half.

Have a great Saturday!

peace. love. and firecrackers.

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