Monday, April 6, 2009

New Project!

Not sure if you're counting down the days till graduation but I'm def. feeling the heat from the kitchen as the oven timer ticks away.

Friday marked 50 days till the big day, not wedding bell day, but a pretty significant day! Graduation.
So I started this project that has ownership to the world's longest title, next to that Legally Blonde show on MTV's......

Umm...something like 50 Reasonable Reasons Why I Want To Work As A Field Reporter For The Ellen Degeneres Show. phew.
Not all 50 reasons are legit strengths that you'd offer up at a real job interview but we're having fun regardless :)

So I uploaded the 3rd video on Sunday night and catch up if you'd like!

1/50 -
2/50 -
3/50 -

peace. love. and rock n roll.


Jessica said...

That would be so unbelievably cool...

Jessica said...

So I watched the videos and I laughed out front of Steve...while "working"...if I get fired, will you back me up?