Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Previously on Project Raised Amongst Catalogs

First of all, this picture is apparently of a "Hill-Billy." Not my words to steal but it is creepy.

Second of all, my cover was blown tonight. After our Murder Mystery show in Plano, the crew headed to The Keg for a Blue Moon and hearty steak (ironically, I had neither). Anywho, a waitress, not ours I might add, approached the table and asked if I'd ever been mistaken for Kit from Project Runway. Wearing my comfy black cabby hat over my messed up, curled, pulled to a side-pony, I replied:

"Well, yes. I mean, I am Kit from Project Runway. So.."
"SHUT UP!" she, literally, yelled and continued to sort of freak out around our area of the restaurant.

Mean while, the guys didn't miss a beat and played along.

"Wait wait wait...you're not kidding are you? Wait, why are you in the city?" the waitress speculated for only a brief moment.
"She's going to be on Dallas Morning News Channel 8 tomorrow morning," Cameron caught her.
"No way! I'm so watching. You should have won! Like everyone I know says you should have won. I mean it was between you and Christian but still your designs were so trendy and flighty..." she continued on like this.

I mean flighty? Is that a good thing? I guess in her eyes it was but Hiedi Klum disagreed in the end...

So that was interesting. The waitress ended up returning to our table after her shift just to "wish us a safe evening and to say how cool it was to see me, err, Kit and that she had been calling her friends saying 'Guess who is eating at the restuarant!!' and she would always be a fan."

Now if Kit from Project Runway happens to be reading: YOU'VE GOT ONE HECK OF A FAN BASE HERE! Oh and you're fashion tendencies are so flighty.

peace. love. and I'm sorry but I don't see any similarities..at all.

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Allison said...

Hahaha! Watch us spot the real Kit outside our office or something. Well, by "us," I mean Sara or Michael, most likely.