Monday, March 10, 2008

CingulAr atNt you hear me now?

"fewest dropped calls"

"exclusive partnership with no other network provider, ever"

Except here's the problem: I get back to school and cannot receive or send text messages from the beloved iPhone withe the said network provider above. Yeah, did snow 7 inches last week and I guess a few power lines blew down yesterday and the flash flood warnings are blaring but come on! I've had no trouble since making this purchase and I reeeally don't want to start now. I keep hitting send, send, send, send and they keep giving me Error: Message not sent, Error: Message not sent, Error: Message not sent. And it's not like this exact issue almost caused a breakup in this 20 year olds life last night! OH THE PAIN CINGULAR IS THRUSTING UPON US!

We've got a murder mystery tonight which looks to be going as planned. I mean in looo of the whole: I've never seen the outfit they are squeezing me into and I can't call or text message my "personal shopper" JFur Mullane to find out her opinion on the hair style matter.

Aside from all the dramatics -- umm..well...uhhh...
Let's face it: there's always dramatics at

Today is my madre's birthday so wish her a happy 27th!

peace. love. and this:

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