Thursday, March 13, 2008

what is up with florida and elections!

You see, this is what we need: People in office who do something. We've have been pointing fingers and placing blame on politicians of the past and parties of the future. Yeah, I don't know everything about this whole Florida debacle and yeah, I voted for the democratic parties and yeah, I've been told that the 'phants knew all about the early primary days and yeah, the sky is blue and yeah, it's going to cost a pretty penny plus 10 million to redo this mess.

So now the demmies are doing something about it! Well, they're at least proposing to do something about it. (Wouldn't you try to glue back mom's expensive vase if you knocked it over playing cops and robbers?)

I love how 6 year olds know more than most of our political leaders...err...not.
And why did Clinton get a few okayed fundraisers?

peace. love and weddings!

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