Saturday, June 16, 2012

2 Auditions In 1 Day Kind Of Day

Just finished an audition that I'd been looking forward to for over a week. Maybe that was the problem today. A case of "Too Much Time."

Typically, whether you pick up an audish through your agent or on your own, a week's worth of preparation is like having 7 practice rounds for the US Open. Okay, that wasn't the most accessible analogy. How 'bout, a week's worth of preparation is like buying your Christmas presents in February and then literally carrying them around with you for 11 months before wrapping them in December for your gift-giving activity.

**Disclaimer: By no means was I implying any of my 
auditions were equivalent to the act of giving a gift...**

While I digress, I do hope I've illustrated how rare it is for actors to have more than even 3 days to prepare for an audition. SO for a week I've been able to think about this character, really get the story down, and have gone over the slice-of-life (otherwise known as audition sides, otherwise known as scenes). That much time allowed me to think about the greatness of the role. Subsequently I think I had time to put the role into perspective. Luckily I had a different feature audition/callback in between the 7 weeks to keep me a little preoccupied. 

Now I don't want to make it seem like this most recent audition was a do or die deal or the biggest film I've read for, but it did make me say, much to my chagrin, "This role is you."So that being said, I reeeally want it. I think we actors fall into the trap of becoming numb to auditioning. I honestly enjoy it. Each time I tell myself: "This could be your only time to play this girl, so enjoy that audition room." If I'm being optimistic I think it has the reason why I haven't been too stunned by a job that I haven't booked but really wanted. That being said with all positivity, I'm writing this to remind myself that just because a role or a film seem like the perfect fit in my life whether it be subject matter, timing, content, people involved, character challenge, or role might not be the path I'm suppose to go down. And that can't bum me out or make me second guess the life of an actor. That wouldn't be fair to the 7 available days of preparation now would it?

I can say that creative teams can be verrrry kind and warm and welcoming. But that's a characteristic of most of Austin-filmaking. And a special shout out for the beautiful flowers from Dan today. He comes home tomorrow! 

peace. love. and home runs with question marks.

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