Friday, March 9, 2012

Alyssa & Kevin's Wedding Video Sneak Peek

Last weekend I had the privilege of being videographer at a wedding in San Antonio, for a couple that met in San Marcos, now lives in San Antonio, and I know the groom's side of the family who are also from Seguin. You follow that? Sweet.

As with any wedding, I reeled in TONS and TONS of footage...two-times what I've collected in previous weddings actually! In fact at this wedding, the photographer (also a friend from Seguin, who lives in Austin, and came to San Antonio for the wedding) mentioned that he tends to overshoot at weddings. I contemplated this idea and see how easy that could be for a wedding photographer. I mean let's face it, there's only so many interesting ways to get a picture of people doing the wobble on a lit dance floor or snaps of a beautiful cake.

However, I've found when filming at weddings the thinking is a little different. You never know if you're manual focus did as you envisioned because you had to swoop over from recording the bride's cousins doing cartwheels to an uncle pulling off the splits in the middle of a circle of clapping reception guests. PS this kind of thing only happens after about the 10PM hour...unless you're at a wedding that Jeff Koehler is at, in which case, "someone" dropping to the ground legs sprawled is fair game once the procession starts....

Above is a sneak-peek at their work-in-progess final product. Check out both of the photographers previews blogs of the wedding as well; Josh Baker with AzulOx and Andrew Fritz.

Stay tuned for I'm working on a blog talking about the logistics that go into shooting a wedding....I know I know...sooooper interesting. I'll try to throw in some stories like how I cry WHILE FILMING during ceremonies (cue shaky camera shots) or how mistakes happen all the time like not hitting the record button hard enough as the bridesmaids come down the isle.

peace. love. and still have a crick in my neck from this shoot.

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