Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mrs. Linda & Mr. Marvin taught me that...

There are some people who inspire me to do better.
There are some people who inspire me to decorate my spaces.
There are some people who inspire me to be more patient.
There are some people who inspire me to 'be' by example.
There are some people who inspire me to teach with a cause.
There are some people who inspire me to follow my heart.
There are some people who inspire me to prove them wrong.
There are some people who inspire me to stand up for what I believe.
There are some people who inspire me to live by defining the word passion.

And then there are some people who inspire me to write better.

I've come across some really great artists, especially the last 6 years of my life. Great performers, great writers, great singers, great lovers, great friends, singers, painters, marketers, and even a few whom I can call kin.

There are book clubs meeting right now across the world who will share their thoughts and exchange a new good book so that the excitement, pain, lust, agony, and happiness (lots of listing going on in this post) can be spread to another living, breathing human. So why not share other things besides a good book or a great video game? Now I'm not saying share running sneakers (though I wouldn't mind sprinting a few miles in Usain Bolt's cleats). I'm saying let's share purses, pens, jackets, jewelry, candles, car keys, and headphones with as much disregard as we do a completed book.

I digress...point her is I want to share a few fellow bloggers, their talent, and ultimately: their story. These people have really fabulously uplifting and fabulously tragic stories.

Subscribe to these bloggers:
Jessica Latshaw is "living like a gypsy on the 1st national tour of the revival of A Chorus Line." We met when the tour kicked through Dallas this summer and at the moment I am enjoying her witty comments (mainly about food) while the super talented cast kicks through Tokyo.
Nick Dalton/Touring Legally Blonde cast:Yes, the first 2 suggestions are theater peeps and there might be a few more. But it's great insight to groups traveling this country/world and who is more creative than people of the stage?

James Donegan (I told you there might be more theater geeks) but this dude is more than just a fantastic performer. In fact, his blog posts are seamless chapters in his ongoing book JACK OF ALL TRADES. He is a successful web designer, vocal teacher (thanks James), nutritional consultant &, oh yeah, Cheyenne Jackson got a little cozy with him. Not by choice however.
Alison Portis/Koehler :) is my favorite female cousin. She's also this uber talented photographer and you can catch her exciting life and unbelievable pictures on her blog. Her husband Stoney, is currently serving our great country in Afghanistan on his second tour. Her strength has been awe inspiring and undoubtedly her love for photography has been a driving force. We also have this uncanny ability to A) Look alike, her loss I know and B) talk with these fabulous German accents.
So thank to each of you talented writers, parents, sisters, artists, and readers. It is truly my honor to have contact with you in this blessed life. Now, I must go for a my torn up Nike's.

peace. love. and strawberries.

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Anonymous said...

Ivy, your Dad sent us a copy of this blog. Thank you so much for the tribute, but I think most of those things were taught you by your terrific parents and your own heart and ambition. We are honored that you remember us and are also honored that we got to share in a small part of yours and Madison's lives. We are still in the same place doing the same thing, so you are welcome to come by whenever you are in Seguin. Love and best wishes always, Linda McCall