Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Barack's "Conversation about race in America"

I've hear numerous rants about how Barack Obama's response to the sermon made at his church by Rev. Jeremiah Wright a few weeks ago, turned the upcoming election into an issue of race.

Well it's about time.

I would take those exact words: making the election into an issue of race and say that this is a good thing.

It is going to take more than trillions of dollars in food stamps and welfare opportunities. It is going to take more than the "white dollars" being poured into low income area schools and movements of crime reduction in the so called "slums" of America. I believe it is going to take the people of our nation: black, white, yellow, green, blue, and orange to realize that we are all alike. We all have prejudices brought against us. We all have been set into a sterotype. But we all must fight like hell to put aside those prejudices and deny the sterotype we have been placed in. Why not have a President start that. I agree with this article when it said that instead of lecturing white America, black America needs to maintain an open, two-way conversation. It was pointed out to me a few days ago and now reemphasize in this article, that ever since the riots plagued Harlem and Detroit in the 1960s, only Nixon publicly noticed that blame was quick to be placed...on anyone except the rioters.

But why am I still hypocritically separating the two United States? Why aren't we all plainly: Americans? Why can't this conversation between the cursed black and white America be just like a phone conversation I have everyday with my boyfriend.?Visually speaking, I am white and he is Hispanic. But we speak on terms of emotions, needs, wants, and desires. When we argue, the message is not: you forgot to call me because I'm Hispanic. It's real life issues that are perfectly parallel to the strains left on the beloved colors of communities of our great nation.

I guess I'm thinking that the greater good for us all is not about the number of dollars that goes into a black college students application or about university and grocery store quotas or how white people are are stereotyped into a discriminatory, racist mold that doesn't exist in many people, myself included. Or the terrible publicity that Duke University (better yet: all rich, white males) received after the lacrosse rape case 2 years ago. The author of the first article is attmpted to, for lack of better terms I shall quote his own words, "turn the tables" on Obama to which some might think he succeeds. But isn't it just as much a disservice to the author's readers when he informs them about how many more black on white rapes occur compared to white on black rapes. Isn't he pointing up the facts about race that Obama is wanting to discuss and wanting to figure out.

As unhappy as I am with all the candidates running towards Pennsylvania Avenue, I have not been quiet of the fact that the people who want to say that this race is about gender and race are the same people who are placing blame on the "fill in the blank Americas" instead of the culprits of the 60s riots. Instead of distinguishing what Obama is saying about the racial tension today, instead of giving black and white references of black and white people, come together and see there is greatness in this world and no matter the color of your skin or the color of your teeth there is greatness to be shared.

peace. love and peace and love.


Anonymous said...

.......What you said may all be true, but is that "sharing" world you speak of realistic? i will give credit where credit is deserved, b.o. tells it how it is, which is what this country needs, but can this country "handle the truth" is the real question i present you. i agree that color doesnt matter, but also ponder this, why would the creater make people different shades if it didnt matter to the all mighty's eyes?

Jennifer said...

wow...thats all i can say to the comment left by anonymous.

raisedamongstcatalogs said...

Now while I have literally had this "anonymous" comment on my mind for 2 straight days, I'm still not entirely convinced as to MY humble opinion. I would however recommend reading Charles Darwin's book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

Regardless of my answer to your question, I do not think that the creatOR made people different colors to condone racism or a prejudice world.

That being said, a scientist at the Advancement of Science Convention in Atlanta said, “Race is a social construct derived mainly from perceptions conditioned by events of recorded history, and it has no basic biological reality.” He went on to say, “Curiously enough, the idea comes very close to being of American manufacture."

I may be back with more on this. Thank you for making me think (and not sleep)!!!

Anonymous said...

.......our local www explains that the word "condone" means to overlook, excuse, ex...our creator has been known as a "forgiving" almighty one. that same place where "condone" is defined also reads that "forgive" is practically another word for condone. what i'm getting at is if what we as human beings should do, "forgive" is a parallel to condone, then what is wrong with the situation that you have previously spoke of?

mena said...

ala kanye west:

barack obama hates white people, hispanic people, asian people.. anything outside black people.

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