Saturday, March 29, 2008


I just opened one of those 2-pack Starburst packets and guess what...?
Out of the possible 2 Starburst, I had TWO that were the color of this.


I'm working in Southlake as we speak...bumming Internet connection from the Hilton (FABULOUS HOTEL YALL). I'm playing "background music." We shall see how long it takes before they want to turn the blackjack table over, push the slots off the tables, and move the swaying of their feet and head to the rest of their body.

Tomorrow is the practice round day for the Bluebonnet Classic for the NU Golf Team. I am in charge of...well...all of it. SINCE MICHELLE backed out on me. I would hyperlink her picture or myspace or social security number here but THE PEOPLE are here asking for requests for later in the night...already. Gotta bring home the bacon since we know he ain't!! KIDDING

peace. love. and kidney stones.

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