Saturday, February 9, 2008

these things, they do happen.

I hate it when cashiers give you coins, bills, bags, AND your receipt after they check you out.

I just left Target and dropped at least one of all of those things at the same time as I left register 31.

Listen up all you register attendants!!
Rules that should be followed:

1) Please put the receipt in the bag. Most of us are just going to throw it away so why not follow Apples lead and set up email receipts?
2) Don't get mad if we can't supply exact change. It's not our fault the last register we went to took all 36 of our pennies! **Side note: managers..keep your cahsiers fully stocked with coins**
3) Bare with us customers. We feel absolutely awful holding up YOUR line because you have checked out the person behind us quicker than we can organize the mess you've just handed us. We need to work together.

Thank you, that is all.

Oh wait, watch the first few ages and then skip to the lady who is'll make you smile.
People Aged 1 to 100 Bang on Drums

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peace. love. and fried green tomatoes.


TMG Jessica said...


Sonia Tea. said...

hahah. totally in love with numbers 97 and 100. we should go find them and hang out!

reminded me of johnny and kooks.

miss it.