Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Madison Rose.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. -Marion C. Garretty

Worst Older Sister!
She couldn't have been more en pointe with my younger sister, Madison Rose. Yeah, she has a prettier name than I do and yeah, she'll always weigh less than I do even if she were carrying septuplets and yeah, even though she was lucky enough to start following her passions at such an early age. Yeah, Madison Rose is just fantastic that way. To those who have met her, they see -- feel -- her kindness and generosity. To those who haven't met her, I only hope that you have someone in your life who reminds you what true kindness and generosity feels like. 
I could fill this blog with humorous stories with Madison as the central character. Stories about family road trips where Madison HAD to have all zillion of her stuffed animals buckled in. Or when she was about 7 and my mom found a small goldfish in her breast pocket...first of all, the fact that she wore a shirt that had a breast pocket. Speaking of Madison's style, she wore hiking boots (she called them her "haking boooooots") and carried a tomahawk she got in Colorado, until she was about 13. 

Or I could fill this blog with poignant stories with Madison as the central character. Stories about family road trips where fights ruled the day and Maddie practically calmed WWIII with her sweetness. Or all the times that she comforted me after I'd had a teenage fight with my parents even though she hadn't a clue as to what was the matter.
See Maddie has always been like that. Willing to wipe away tears or just put her arm around ya when you're feeling down. No matter the matter. Whether she agrees with you or not, she hates it when people feel anguish. 

SO. A happy happy birthday the most genuine, cartoon-face, kind, supports-me-'til-the-end-of-the-day friend. My sister. Madison Rose. You manage everyday to remind me of what a wonderful childhood we shared together. We'll always have that. And don't ever forget it. We were incredibly lucky, but I was the lucky one to have you. 

peace. love. and haking boots. 

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Jennifer said...

You are too sweet! Happiest of birthday wishes to Maddie! I hope she celebrates like she should! :)