Thursday, March 12, 2009

'i pledge' video has arrived!

Hey all you cool cats.

As promised: a brand spanking new speak yo mind video is straight off the presses. If by new you mean a different title, a few different people, and a different color scheme. And if by speak yo mind you mean Ivy has something else to virally say about donating your time, body, and mind to for something better. And if by straight off the presses you really mean a combination of a Canon HV20 camcorder, iMovie HD, and Youtube.


But do remember to click the "HD" button located just below the video screen on YOUTUBE.

Also, for Mr. Andrews' sake: here are the links to the rapidly growing popular Ellen Degeneres videos that were submitted to her contest!
1st one with Carrie Underwood! (Over 2000 hits! Keep it up!)
2nd one with Johnny Cash
3rd one with Gretchen Wilson

ENJOY!! And thanks for watching!!

peace. love. and can't believe maddie is looking at colleges.

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Alison Portis said...

That was grrrreat Ivy! I love it!