Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Revitalized and ready

Okay, first off the video below is a replica of the inauguration made out of, get this, LEGOS! One day after America’s (or maybe just my roommate’s) beloved Bachelor took one of his fine young ladies out to, drum rolllllll, Legoland, artists recreate this amazing moment in history. Complete with…well see for yourself!

I must make a few comments on yesterday. What a strange one. First of all, both of my classes were canceled which is a rarity in itself. Then I slept in, which is another scarce service in my life. Next came a change of power in our great country, which has happened in my lifetime but never one more meaningful or real.

I remember voting my senior year in a class poll for George Bush and thinking How cool! The entire nation (this is me not realizing we actually interact with the world) will have it’s eyes on Texas. And when Bush does a good job, everyone will cheer for Texas and it’s greatness. Because I loved Texas. Still do! It will always be my home and no job or dream can take that away from me. I remember not agreeing with Obama’s platform initially. I was stubborn and naïve, thinking as a first-time voter who was independent, that parties were for wussies. Well regardless of the fact that, my absentee voting world is confusing enough, I am an American and we have a new president.

But yesterday, the wool was pulled off of my eyes and a feeling of hope filled me to the top. Change is good. And I can say that with confidence now because I do not believe that you should be judged because you are green, purple, black, white, red, or orange. I do not believe you should be judged because your first name isn’t already on the Wall of Presidents like George’s or James’. I do not believe you should be judged on your childhood. I do believe we should be judged by what Dr. Martin Luther King said: “the content of our character.” I do believe we should be judged by what we make of our name and of our childhood, of our education and knowledge, of our fight and dedication to others, regardless of what they give in return.

Please realize I do not know all I should know. I do not know about how a stimulus plan will effect my dad’s business, or how proposed education bills will effect my mom and sister, or how social issues are beginning to become more forefront than political ones. I do not know everything about this man, his family, his personal values, his platform in its entirety, but there’s something about yesterday that motivated me. While it might be pre-mature and naïve, I know my faith has prevailed in the past against all odds and against all “raging storms.” I know that hope is stronger and means more to me than any terrible or valuable condition that the government can try to put me in. We are still the land of opportunity and I know we will survive.

My challenge is that whether you cried tears of recollection as one couple left a white house and entered a helicopter, or you cried tears of celebration when another couple waved that helicopter away and entered a newer white house, please consider this: Fortunately or unfortunately, we begin a new era. It was inevitable as of November 2008. It is now inescapable. We as a nation have never stood so close and yet so far. Why not change that now? Pledge your personal excellence for the betterment of the lives that come succeeding this one; because I promise that the excellence you give to those lives will better your life today. Use what is given intelligently and failure becomes hard to come by.

10 Comments on 2009's Inauguration Day:
1. I love the guy’s deep voice that introduces the President and his VP. Youtube it…
2. I now know what a Tuskegee Airmen is thanks to Cameron Fox.
3. I want to look like Dr. Biden when I’m a....senior.
4. Brava for those ladies walking most of the parade route in some fierce stilettos.
5. Brava for Joe Biden walking most of the parade route.
6. I didn’t like the emphasis put on “the first black president”…that’s exactly the opposite of what Obama has been advocating. We are one nation, under God.
7. I read an eloquently written Wall Street Journal article from the Bush daughters to the Obama daughters. PLEASE click here and read it.
8. I think it is completely and utterly impossible to please and keep everyone happy.
9. Anyone hear about China’s censorship of the address when there were mentions of Communism and the Cold War came up? Crazy…!
10. I wish I could have participated in the White House scavenger hunt last night.

And now it’s time to make a new video much like this vote video I made. ( I’m thinking about modeling it to the celebrity “I pledge…” viral video. It IS a little ridiculous to have Eva Longoria pledging to plant 500 trees in a year. Brittany Snow saying, “I pledge to find a cure for cancer.” I wish she would have pledged to never have made Prom Night. But I guess it is the whole of the idea, not just based off individuals…but can it be?

If you made it all the way through (mom and dad) thanks for putting up with my thoughts!! Any ideas on the new video for all our nation to see? Send ‘em my way. Yeah, I’m thinking you NYC girls are creative enough to throw something down to me.

peace. love. and texas has wicked weather.