Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Videos Galore!

Occasionally, our computers need to be cleaned of unwanted applications, high school english papers, and in my most recent case: random edited videos that are taking up wayyyyy to much GBs, MBs, and giga hoozits.

I've got a youtube account at if you would like to check out some of the older things that have been posted. You'll find anything from the not so infamous iVlog series to ESM projects. YOU may even get shout outs in some of them....Don't feel the need to watch all or even any, but I was asked to post the most recent so tada!

But here are some of the most recent videos that I haven't published onto blogger:
SNL Spoof of Spartan Cheerleaders by Alan and I
My mom's "dance" team for the San Antonio Spurs!
A random warm up awkwardness vid
Quite possibly the funniest one up -- a look at being the cow in
2 super talented gals singing Rent
Adaptation of a Spring Awakening song
This one competes with the cow video, killing a cockroach with Sonia and Me

I've also been working with the NU Admissions team to create a new vlog series which I've titles: Steps To The Stage (which stage are we talking about? Subscribe to find out!) "Steps To The Stage is a bi-monthly webesode release of the adventures of Northwood University (TX) senior Ivy Koehler." This is the second episode ish...really silly and not like the normal full-length episodes.

peace. love. and THIS is brilliant.

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