Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll do it all by the time I'm ten.

FIRST OF ALL, I'm laying in bed watching the Olympics. Or so I think. The sound is turned to a low lull and I casually gaze up from my phone only to see a beautiful vase (pronounced: vahhz...well that's my line reading at least) of flowers next to the boy's tele. But heres the thing: upon my causal gaze at the great 2008 Olympics, I see men running around the usual birdsnest (wow!) track. Typical: It's late. NBC has too much ridiculous coverage and they decided to show super skinny men run for hours in too tiny shorts. I turn away. HOWEVER. a few brief minutes later I causally gaze up again. And guess what I see....no not the Geiko lizard...I see these super skinny men running for hours in too tiny shorts and jumping over a 20 foot long striped pole. What? Like did they get bored of just running for hours towards an invisible finish line so they thought, "Hmmmm, none of these super skinny guys can ride horses in these too tiny shorts so why don't we just make 'em run and 'jump' over these poles, a la equestrian racing. Those horse equestrian events were over practically before the LED screen came out during the Opening Ceremony, considering there are like 9 total equestrians in the world (no offense, I was an equestrian jockey for Halloween once).

Anyhoo, you're not going to believe this but now these Centaurs are landing in water as they bound over poles. Is this for real?

Goodness me so much to discuss!

Second of all, a few things that have to be discussed.
a) I'm obsessed with about the 1:40 mark of the song When Your Home from In The Heights. youtube it or better yet buy it on itunes or limewire or napster or wherev or better yet go see the show in New York. It gives me chills because I saw that show a few nights before I left last summer and I started crying because of the beauty behind the words (I know Jessica does absolutely NOT agree but hey...) It just meant alot to me and when I miss people or places or adventures, I have that to listen to. Anyone else have a song that has that kind of power?

b) I love it when America Olympians sing along with the National Anthem. If I ever stepped in those jockey, archery, volleyball, gymnastic (?), flippers, track shoes I know that I would be belting out for everyone that wasn't standing on that podium. Be proud yall!!

c) Can anyone clue me in on the whole China's gymnastic fiasco? And when can the USA claim that gold medal that was unjustly won? ...Or does America not want to press that issue considering the circumstance that we actually lost to 8 year olds..? Ahh, I umm, understand. Silver goes with more outfits anyway.

d) One of the only things I love about this time of year is going to Wal-Mart, searching for my cereal and hearing 2+ girls walking down the isle saying things like: "Well I like Fruity Pebbles but will eat Special K if that's what we decide." OR "Do you want strawberry-banana fat free yogurt or kiwi?" Because those questions in that store with those girls can mean only one thing, it's roommates first time living together in a dorm, shopping like they have and will be friends forever. The kind that dream to be soccer moms with play dates and Bunco parties. The best part, for me, is knowing that this "Weekly-Roommate-Bonding-By-Shopping" will only last till week 3 because they are irritable, hormonal, and tired of dealing with the unwanted boyfriend spending the night. But for now, it's fun.

A few notable vids:
Want to watch Glinda's grace? 3/5 stars : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjRwSmp5vwY
How bout a surf trip gone wrong? 3/5 stars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WHRxXY67UA
Or a song that explains it all!! 4/5 stars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os71u7VB2jc

peace. love. and getting back into the swing of things.


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