Friday, April 11, 2008

Dorothy is just smiling away :)

Now I love my mom to death but with her pursing lips and soft laugh...who would've thought that she would be famous before my wedding-reception-split-pants, school board leader, bald forever, loud, always-talking-to-someone father and aspiring-to-do-something-great-with-her-life-for-others, performance infused, little old me?

Well that day has come. Tonight my mom will accompany 20 women center court at the SBC center, before millions of TV and game time viewers to dance. TO DANCE PEOPLE?!?! Okay, on her behalf, she was on the drill team or something in high school and can easily still high kick with the best of them (wayyyy higher than I can) but DANCE TO SOUJA BOY AND SMACK THAT???? Did I mention that News 4 San Antonio did a full cover story on the crew last night with Mel front and center...

If you go to that link, there is the video from the news in the upper right hand corner.

I wish I could be there mom. Have a blast and keep smiling that beautiful smile!...oh and see you next week. Where you ask? Here is where.

peace. love. and youuuu.

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