Monday, March 24, 2008

Well...she's right.

So Yahoo teamed up with In the Heights, a hot new Broadway show that just opened at the beginning of March. You can check out a synopsis here about In the Heights but basically this website provides a look at the process of an off-Broadway show transferring to The Great White Way by means of 6 behind the scenes videos. Anywho, watch what you want. Pick and choose. Switch around but DO watch the episode found here. For better effect, watch a little bit of the other videos just so you understand the nature behind this show...and it's life. Ok, so on that video I gave the URL, wait for the moment at 1:25ish. PRICELESS. As I said, it won't be as meaningful if you don't watch a few bits from the other videos or at least the 1 minute, 24 seconds before that's not going to make ya smile.

Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4
Video #5
Video #6

peace. love. and i can't dance.

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Allison said...

HA! I want that soundbite isolated to play over and over again. You find the gems, Ivy.