Friday, March 21, 2008

James...are you there?

Another campy video...mainly for James -- is anyone else reading?
Well then, let's hear from ya!

I'm abbboutttt to update on Godspell just because I haven't yet but things are getting exciting! Oh who am I kidding - it's been being exciting..(what?).

Oh and I have to make note that I love these. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and apologize if you are watching this video and find yourself in the ensemble. I had a friend of a friend recognize themselves in the last Xanadu vid I posted here.... I think show choirs are fierce and I am more so posting these because I'm jealous and bitter that I grew up taking batting practice and sweeping my pop's shop. Ehhh...alright I did enjoy sweeping and I really did enjoy hitting whiffle balls....

OKAY, so here are some of the high points:
0:05 - Wait...what!
0:25 - Bee Arthur's voice at age 15?
0:35 - Ivy's hair at last weekend's wedding..
0:43 - they are really leaping
0:56 - Turkey Lurkey arms
1:30 - Literally flying monkeys
1:55 - Didn't see that coming!
2:11 - Oh no they did not visit the Discovery store.
2:23 - They had to improvise because their giant witch hat deflated at places.
2:42 - Yes, she is moving.
3:17 - "...why did SHE get to Idina it up..."
3:49 - "...oh yeah..well I'm playing Kristin Chenoweth..."

peace. love. and tonys in bunches.

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James said...

It took me awhile to catch up, but... yes... I am watching.

WOW. First of all, ultimately, I'm speaking out of jealousy that we didn't have anything like this -- it's why I was so obsessed with XANADU. I wanted to be those boys.

Meanwhile.... this one... terrifying. I never knew you could do so much with just grapevines and padabourees (sp?).

Oh... and bad singing. Don't forget bad singing.