Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gone Bobby Brown....literally

Alright, there is this newish show on CMT. YES...Country Music Televisionstill lives and has jumped on the reality show bandwagon. But so am I! My roommate, Abby (2nd singer), introduced me to this CMT show called GONE COUNTRY. First of all, Abby might not be on this show anytime soon but will probably be on this Country tele, as she calls it, before we graduate from college. Nielsen ratings anyone? I digress. This show GONE COUNTRY takes like 8 random entertainers including: Marsha Brady (what?), Bobby Brown, Diana Degarmo, Sisqo, Julio Iglesias Jr., Carnie Wilson (you're guess is as good as mine), and Dee from Twisted Sister.

So! The basis of the show (i think) is who can make it as a real, cow-tippin, jaw-spittin, country, western singer. Setting is Nashville, how ironic. Now, I'm still wondering how CMT can get away with throwing these "stars" on ATVs and letting them run wild in mud and cow poo. Literally liability. I haven't really been watching this reality madness but there happened to be a Gone Country marathon and I happened to pull a muscle in my cafe this morning so we met in the middle. It seems like about every 10th episode there is FINALLY a competition that means elimination of a contestant. Contestant seems so Price Is Right though..these people have talent...errr some had talent. Honestly, I don't know the flow of this show. Good work men.
Here comes my rant:

Diana Degarmo. This girl can sannng!
Now, of course you can say that I'm biased for Diana because she did get to play one of the most underrated, hahlarious, I'm-super-jealous, part on The Great White Way, but come on. Listen to this. Or this (1:40). Or these riffs. She is risking her career more than any other contestant/participant/survivor/player on Gone Country and my bet to win. haha...just as I wrote that, the host (who cares) lit into her for her too-much of a pop voice. I'm sorry, who are you? Not too mention that this girl is the only one who doesn't wear dentures and while the others have wikipedia articles...Diana's got a myspace. Wait, who is watching this show again?

So this brings me to something my best friend said about the lack of talent in "today's artists." More so, how people can be famous, make buckets upon trucks of cash, and be the highlight of VH1's Best Week Ever...without having any talent. Debatable, but I thought that people needed some kind of spark to survive to even squeak by in success. The IT factor. So is this good for society? Or for up and coming wannabe artists and actors? Does this ideology give hope to those who want to make it but can't belt a high G or do the worm backwards...and forwards. I wanna hear from you.

What about artists on American Idol that have record labels plastered on their resumes? I mean, that's the only reason Paula and Simon wouldn't let me on Season 3 and now that's what their taking!? On that note, check out Sara Bareilles Love Song. I'm obsessed. Or the Bob Dylan-esk silent hit Tree Hugger from Juno.

Anywho, break legs Diana and don't take any drannk Bobby Brown gives you and know that In the Heights has apparently been rewritten so there is now a followable storyline to go along with sick choreography and nice light cues....I'm just saying....

Finally, I will be judging the Mr. Matador pageant at my high school here in Seguin on Thursday night and am interested to see how it has evolved from Eric's Napoleon dance back in '81. So come support your representative for the Key Club or the Science Club or Chess Club or Interact!

peace. love. and Marsh Marsha Marsha.

leaving ya with this!


Anonymous said...

Carnie Wilson. If i am not mistaken and if i have actually learned something at this damn school i call texas tech she is the voice behind many of the starlit beauties in such movies as 'My Fair Lady'. She is the the one that should have been getting the credit for these wonderful roles and songs. anywho...talent needs to come back. Like the lady in La Vie En Rose..she may be pretty ugly..ok..ugly as sin but she had THE voice that people wanted to hear. Maybe the problem is the "MTV Generation" for prising beauty and the the beauty of ones vocal cords. granted some people have both (Christina Aguilera) but im tired of this face facade of "singers"..because in reality give them a pice of classic literature to sing and they dont even know where to begin. you know what the troll would say..."a sorry state of affairs" BAH!! so sing on and let's try to be heard.


raisedamongstcatalogs said...


i do believe you are much as i don't like her on this show, i LOVE LOVE LOVE My Fair Lady. she also did something with producing the beach boys for what it's worth.