Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Catus Cuties will eventually take over the world

Mark. My. Words.

Look out Abby's-group-whom-I've-forgotten-your-name! These ladies have already broughten it.

For the American Faithful:

For the Broadway Faithful:

Oh and for the record...go out and buy La Vie En Rose. It's fabulous and I haven't even finished the whole thing. Just something about it..

Godspell rehearsals start in a week and I am soooo stoked! I'm sure the blogs will change from daily video posts to drama filled insights!! Can't wait!

Patti Lupone and company had their invited dress tonight (I think), that apparently had a few incidents in the audience: people getting strangled, Katherine McPhee walking out then returning with security, air vents falling on patrons. Must be nice to live in some city they call New Yawk....

peace. love. and missin you.


betsy said...

i am absolutely and fundamentally obsessed with edith piaf!!!! La Vie En Rose is quite possibly one of the greatest films ever made.

raisedamongstcatalogs said...

bold statement, johnny of johnny and kooks.