Tuesday, February 26, 2008

year of smear.

People are amazing. People create. People create havoc. People create headaches and people create tears.

ARHHHHHGGGG! I'm so mad and can't sing. May sound weird but it's my release...singing at the top of my lungs whenever I am mad enough to punch a window. My sister had a soccer game out of town today and my mom, grandpa, and I went to it. They lost...but that's not the half of it.

Some nut case hopped on the team bus and stole Maddie's purse. Yeah, it happens to everyone, I know. But it shouldn't happen to someone like my sister. She was so beat up after the game and to hear her telling my mom that she felt awful and sick for the whole deal. It just makes me so mad that there are people in this world who feel the urge to steal. I mean, someone is walking around with a purse that isn't their's, wearing prescribed glasses that aren't their's, spending money that isn't their's, poking their eyes with prescription eye drops that aren't their's, and using a school ID that isn't their's. Matter of fact, even though I'm betting that they tossed everything accept the purse and cash in a dumpster, I hope the criminal keeps the high school ID. I hope they keep it in the wallet that they stole and have to look at it everyday. I want them to see my sisters name and not be able to sleep at night.

...woah...is that bad?

I think it's different when a pick pocketer takes a jacket or shoes or something from a store. No, I don't think it's right and that is exactly why I don't steal. That's exactly why I do not surround myself with people who steal and that is why my children are not going to steal. If it's not mine and I don't have it....I don't need it, don't deserve it, and therefore aren't entitled to it. But when someone steals a pair of shoes they must have cold feet...or a child with cold feet. THAT is sad yall! To think that there are people stealing celery from an H-E-B for their kids makes me sick. I don't want to stereotype or place blame except that I really do want to.

I hate that Maddie is going to wake up in the morning and feel that feeling of: Crap. My purse was stolen and I have to deal with it today. That pit-ful feeling of helplessness and agony over a PURSE!

Arg. Watch your belongings people!!

peace. love. and hilary..?

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