Sunday, February 17, 2008

'Love Things' and Aesop Sings

Just when you think the entire world is crashing down on your big "veto-written" forehead...your family shows up.

Just when you think you've seen the darkest, most scariest, wickedest, pinkish cloud in the sky of life...your bf tells you another "I love the way you...." list.

Last show of Aesop's Fables was tonight. Needless to say, the cap gun has never properly worked in a public performance, I still can't read my lines like an old man, and I cannot seem to get this crick in my lower back out from crouching tiger hidden dragoning my characterization of Aesop And as I hit the potty 2 minutes before places, I literally ran into my sister...who was totally suppose to be 4 hours south, studying for her drivers-ed test and walking Muffy. My family, bearing 2 bouquets of flowers came to the show! So yay for having people in our lives who can completely turn your world back-right-side-up. Which leads me to this.

Kidding. I mean you totally should subscribe to this dudes blog. Amahhhhzing writer and innovative thinker. That reminds me...below this post is like the time I posted, the date, and a comment hyperlink. If you want to voice your opinion or even tell me my opinion reeks, then click on the word COMMENT and comment. No pressure but I won't judge you if you do.

I wrote an earlier post about how cool it is to have someone genuinely love you and you love them back. The unconditional, parent, Jesus kinda love. In that same post I talk about the feeling that completely overtakes you when one of those people that you share love with, writes or tells you all the things, the simple things, that they love. And the funny thing is that in this instance, a majority of those 'Love Things' deal with you.

peace. love. and volume pills.


Sonia Tea. said...

wish i could have been there! didnt even work that weekend! shite.
love you more than words can say.

peace a motha fukkin cake :]

Melody said...

That guy's blog is really well-written. I like the way he speaks. Kudos to you for finding it!

raisedamongstcatalogs said...

i know riiight!
subscribe subscribe subscribe to his blog!!