Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"It's Spamalot, female dog."

I'm not a new Britney Spears fan. I am a Mouseketeer Britney Spears fan. Which makes me a Britney Spears fan, I guess.

But I think it's about time someone stand up for her instead of Bill O'Reiley just reporting how sad her life is. SHE'S A HUMAN!! HER SONG IS CALLED GIMME MORE FOR A REASON! Thank you Chris Crocker. Anyway, this just in: 'Tony Award Winning Broadway Smash Hit Spamalot changes lyric from Britney to Posh Spice."

Granted, lyrics to a show hardly (if ever) get changed but this is not like one's like an entire verse change! Spamalot's author Eric Idle says that the amending was to refrain from making fun of someone who is "being tortured to death and we don't want to be on that side."

Okay here's the original:
I am sick of my career Always stuck in second gear
Up to here with frustration and with fears

I've no Grammy no rewards
, I've no Tony Awards I
'm constantly replaced by Britney Spears
Britney Spears!"

It's been replaced by:
"My love life is a mess I've got constant PMS
My career is about as hot as ice
. They hate me there backstage
They say I'm too old for my age. They're trying to replace me with Posh Spice!"

Despite the fact that the replacement doesn't rhyme....David Beckham's wife is obviously in a better "mental state" than our Crazy Louisiana sweet heart, to be featured as a funny on The Great White Way.

***On a side-note, when our Grey's Anatomy star and TONY freaking AWARD WINNER Sara Ramirez played the Lady of the Lake who sings this part, they changed the Tony Award lyrics to accommodate her full mantle.***

Maybe Grease will follow suit and quit talk behind Doris Day's back....

In other news, the current Lady of the Lake screwed up the recently modified lyrics -- again. She stormed offstage and later exclaimed to her director, "Ooops! I did it again."


Sonia Tea. said...

meeha. why does ever body tell me i look like como se Sarah Ramirez! its because im mexican...right.

Jennifer said...

poor poor britney spears...

poor poor her...

her life is just horrible...

even though she is the highest paid pop singer in the biz...

even though she has two children she should be taking care of instead of out partying at clubs...

there's lots i could say about her but i'll let us all feel sorry for her.

but for all things pure--put the girl in rehab!

ivy said...

well i feel sorry for her.
she's not out partying anymore...she's in rehab for goodness sake.
and she can't possibly be the highest paid pop singer in entertainment..

she hasn't worked in years!

Jennifer said...

no seriously...look it up.

she really is the highest paid pop singer.

its crazy, but true.

in rehab. out of rehab. just visiting rehab. out shopping with her mom. i can't even keep up anymore!

just be a MOTHER!!

this is why people need a license to have children.

oh well. the things that would happen if we were running the country.