Friday, February 1, 2008

I think I just broke my big toe

Yes. Just came in from the "30 second" commercial corporate team building function. (phew....mouth/finger full) First of all, co-workers who drink together, stay together. I am a little tired but do believe that was the motto or theme of the evening, supported by none other than the company owner himself. Second of all, co-workers who drink together, don't listen any more to me than co-workers who don't drink together or at all for that matter. I'm insignificant to plastered Dunbar and someday I'll get over that.

Now for the more important matter. I just effed up my toe. I got all ready for bed, turned off the light, walked toward my warm, pink plastic pad of a mattress and stepped on one of the fastener on my backpack. Like the plastic connectors that you open and close, open and close, open and close when you're wearing an item with said plastic fasteners but you're nervous or need to go to the bathroom. I stepped and slid on the fastener and so while the rest of my body is going in one direction, trying to stay afloat while not stepping down too hard on the plastic fastener, my opposite foot drags helplessly on the ground. Jamming my big toe between its tendon and the hot, lava-ie core of earth. That hurts! Especially when it's 5 degrees outside meaning 10 degrees inside and especially when I've been wearing heels since 5 o'clock. Like even after sulking and rocking back and forth for a few minutes, turning the book on, and writing this much...I'm still feeling my my toe. You can't believe how painful this is! Ahh but can you? You are still reading...heh heh...

For those who understand: I found a perfect song. I've known it for a while but fell almost in love with it recently. It's from Chess, Someone Else's Story.

1 down....1 to go.
I wish I could swallow pills to null the pain!!!!

peace. love. and sillyville.

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